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Strive to obey YAHUVEH GOD who is merciful! | Heavenly Manna

Strive to obey YAHUVEH GOD who is merciful! | Heavenly Manna

    GENTLE and LOVING FATHER, THOU art my YAHUVEH who hath raised me from the chains of despair. THOU hast caused me to ascend, leading me forth from the wolf’s lair. In THEE do I trust, for THOU alone art Worthy! In THEE place I my hope because by YAHUSHUA MASHIACH hast THOU saved me! Blessed be THY NAME forever and ever!

RIGHTEOUS ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU dost comfort me with the Breath of THY SPIRIT. THOU dost me comfort with THY Words so fair. Only in THY SON have I Everlasting Life! HE died for me so that Heaven HE could with me once again share. Let THY NAME be exalted and THY KINGDOM blessed! Forever THOU art FAITHFUL and full of Mercy! THOU hast, in YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, given me rest! Now am I full of THY Joy, rising to proclaim THY NAME early! Blessed be the SON of THY Right Hand by whom THOU hast me refreshed!

GLORIOUS ABBA YAHUVEH, much pity hast THOU shed forth upon this humble servant of THINE. Not always didst THOU call me humble, for at times was I stiff-necked. Yea, as the children of Israel in ancient times was I, always seeking a sign. Yet, THOU didst me save from being eternally ship-wrecked. Yea, THOU didst break my legs that I should no more believe the lie. Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for in THY Mercy causing me to my faith check! May THY NAME be blessed for sending THY SON, THOU MOST HIGH! HE came and found me, bringing HIS Rod to correct. Thank YOU for not giving up, though against THEE much did I sigh. Thank YOU for THY Patience; may it be that THOU dost not me calling regret.

O LORD MOST HIGH, my soul is heavy and in much angst. Many burdens upon my back do I carry, yet before THEE do I them set. May I be more unto THEE united, not causing division in THY ranks. I lay myself before THEE, prostrate and in awe. THOU art MOST MAGNIFICENT, my ABBA, and KING! My flesh doth exceedingly quake and tremble at the Holiness of THY Throne. THOU art the MOST SET APART ONE who hath given Deliverance unto Israel. May it be that their eyes are opened unto this THY Salvation. May it be that they awaken and no more make covenants with hell. Cause the scales to fall away that they may look up and behold YAHUSHUA whom they did reject.

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, O YAHUSHUA my CAPTAIN, please lead and guide me out of this weary land! The whole land lieth in wickedness and only seeketh to pervert the just. It only desireth to ensnare the righteous and to them through thrust. We call upon THY NAME for Jubilee, for surely the Great Time is at hand. Soon THOU wilt us receive unto THY Bosom, making us to before the FATHER stand. Only in THY NAME and only in THY Robes do we before HIM stand. Through THY Shed BLOOD do we before HIM stand!

Let the earth be cleansed by the fervent heat of THY Baptism. Let the corrupt elements melt and only the pure remain. THOU hast reserved unto THYSELF a people that will not bow unto or kiss idols vain. May it be that we endure and in THY SPIRIT move. Let us bow before THY Throne and not be cast out as profane. We seek to THEE please and our love for THEE prove. Our sole desire is to THY NAME exalt, for THOU hast us in THY Palm engraved. Please BELOVED MASHIACH, all lying, complaining, and grumbling, from us remove. Thank YOU YAHUSHUA my SAVIOUR for bearing and setting us free from that which was our bane! Thank YOU for us chastening, not sparing to us reprove!

My FATHER who doth inhabit Heaven, hallowed and exalted be THY GLORIOUS NAME! THY KINGDOM is Eternal and the Scepter of THY Right Hand, Holy! I lay aside my flesh and take up my cross. Help me to overcome all the trials, tribulations, and tests. I call upon THY NAME, YAHUSHUA, for strength, perseverance, and relief of stress. I give THEE my heart for THOU to in it abide. Unto THY Tabernacle hast THOU me called, therefore do I in it hide. By THY three-fold cord am I unto THY will tied. I pray for THY will to be done and not ever mine. In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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