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The CREATOR Cannot Be Deceived | Heavenly Manna

The CREATOR Cannot Be Deceived | Heavenly Manna

    OH BELOVED CREATOR of my soul, be THOU magnified by the works of my hands! I bless THEE with every breath that proceedeth forth from my lungs. THOU hast filled me with THY PRECIOUS RUACH and brought order unto my life. Tossed was I by the chaotic seas of sin and death. Faint was my heart by reason of insanity. Yet THOU didst take hold of my sails and brought right direction to my compass. I once was lost but now am found. THOU wilt guide me to the Calm and Safe Harbor. Blessed be my CAPTAIN and SHIP MASTER! THOU hast led me forth from the horrible tempest! THOU hast sent forth THY holy mariners to keep me from crashing against the rock.

BELOVED and FAITHFUL CREATOR, “YAHUVEH” is THY NAME and Worthy art THOU to be PRAISED! Set forth THY TRUTH as an inferno deep within me. Deep calleth unto deep, so by THY SPIRIT hear THOU the cry of mine inward parts. From the uttermost depths of my heart do I cry unto THEE for deliverance. By the BLOOD of the LAMB, may my desire touch THINE Heart. Cause me to spring forth from the decay of sin. Let THY Healing Power flow with Resurrection from within. Create in me a new heart and renew within me a right spirit. Purge me with the BLOOD of the TRUTH. HE was afflicted for my transgressions and the price for my peace did HE pay. Blessed be YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH the Only Begotten SON of ABBA YAHUVEH!

Many play games at being holy yet they do not fool THEE. They play the harlot and thinketh THOU seest them not. They are the church of the pretenders and into great tribulation shall they be spewed. Prepare for them the bed of affliction for all their abominable deeds. Slay their strange children and overthrow their idols. Rid us of their whoredoms and great treachery! Have mercy on THY NAME and clean dissolve their elements. In THY Fury issue forth a river of living fire! THY Rage doth burn unto the uttermost depths of the earth. All the accursed and defilers of the flesh shall forever make their abode therein. They shall not arise from the torments of THY Wrath!

Blessed be GOD my STRONGHOLD who careth for the meek! Blessed be YAHUVEH my LORD who provideth the Living Meat! HE shall not leave us to begging for bread and neither shall HE withhold any good thing. HE is an AWESOME GOD from whom all good things come! HE is the FATHER of lights and doth inhabit eternity. Blessed be my ABBA, for Mercy and Truth doth go before HIS Face! I will continually cry out to the LIVING ROCK, for HIS Mercy endureth forever! HIS Loving-kindness doth burst forth as a Wellspring of Eternal Joy within my life.

May it never be that I depart from the Way of Faith! Let my “yea” be “yea” and my “nay” be “nay.” Clean rid me of all hypocrisy. By the BLOOD of the LAMB and an upright testimony shall I overcome! May my testimony shine forth as the stars in heaven forever! Let THY Wisdom be seated upon mine countenance. Show unto me the better way of humility. Please grant me this request, for in MESSIAH I am THINE. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME I pray and give THEE, ABBA YAHUVEH, ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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