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The HOLY SPIRIT is Faithful and True! | Heavenly Manna

The HOLY SPIRIT is Faithful and True! | Heavenly Manna

    O MESSIAH, my Fair and Sweet Love, THOU art blessed and pure. THOU art Holy and Righteous. The rays of the sun do sing praises unto THEE. The rolling waves of the ocean do bow before THEE continually. All of creation doth groan and beseech THEE for to return and make all things new. Yet THOU wilt return and catch up THY Bride True. THOU wilt suddenly appear very soon.

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THOU hast not left THY children desperate. Yea, THOU hast sent to us the COMFORTER who doth gently rock us in HER Arms when we weep. SHE doth bring THY Joy within our hearts and covereth us with kisses while we sleep. SHE is the fullness of what a mother should be. IMMAYAH hast THOU sent and SHE doth tell us of THEE. Yea, SHE doth tell us how to THEE please.

By THY SPIRIT do we go from glory to glory. By the POWER of the RUACH HA KODESH can we overcome all iniquity. SHE is FAITHFUL to convict us of our sins and to show us the path of repentance. Thank YOU BELOVED YAHUSHUA for, through HER, giving us THY Peace! Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for the Promise of the RUACH HA KODESH through which we are sealed! Thank YOU IMMAYAH for teaching us MESSIAH’S Ways!

ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU art Holy and ALL TRUTH! THY SON is YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH and in HIM do we have access to THY Throne. HE is our GREAT INTERCESSOR in whom is no spot. HIM didst THOU raise, forbidding HIM to see rot. From the tomb didst THOU bring HIM, even on the SHABBAT! We give THEE the GLORY, for upon HIM fell our lot. HE was made a curse and in the thicket of THY will caught.

T’was for our sins that HE died and with death fought. YAHUSHUA shed HIS BLOOD and with it us bought. HE hath redeemed us from the grave and made us to, Hill Zion, sit atop. Our LORD didst die for us and t’was in vain not. O YAHUSHUA, THOU art my GOOD SHEPHERD, seeing I trust in THY Staff and Rod! Once was I that one hundreth sheep that THOU wentest after and sought. By THEE was I found and for this THY Throne I laud!

FAITHFUL is the HOLY TRINITY, my YAH ELOHIM. FAITHFUL is THEIR Rule from everlasting to everlasting. Strong is THEIR Salvation which doth never fail! Never in the Scriptures was there a time when they who trusted in THEM were not delivered. ABBA YAHUVEH always has a plan to deliver those who doth unto HIM belong. Hang on tight to the Hem of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S Garment, for HE alone is the BLESSED HOPE! Hang on tight and don’t let go no matter how rough the seas, for soon we shall be home! Give GLORY unto THEM, for THEY alone are Worthy! Give GLORY unto our MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM who hath for generations waited to receive HIS Bride!

May the Peace of Heaven rule in the midst of our hearts. May the Righteous Standard of TRUTH be only found withing our lives. Let us not give in to partiality or double-mindedness. Let us not give in to vanity and lies. They profit nothing in the Day of the KING’S Judgment. They worketh only shame and perpetual destruction. Let us cling to our BLESSED HOPE and seek further HIS Countenance. Let our communications be full of the high praises of our HOLY KING.

Praise of YAH is befitting to the mouths of HIS saints. HE hath prepared for us a KINGDOM which doth us still await. YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH hath allotted us a portion on HIS Right. By HIM shall we enter this sheepfold, for HE only is the Gate. We pray for HIS Coming and desire this date. HE shall arrive in HIS Time which is never early or late. Our MESSIAH is coming for to cause us to escape. “Come quickly YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH,” are the words we unto HIM do say.

BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU hast made me to be full of the Light of THY SON! I give HIM the GLORY, for only am I a broken vessel of clay. The POTTER hath placed within me HIS HOLY SPIRIT. SHE maketh me to know my downsitting and uprising and doth for me the Scriptures interpret. Without the guidance of the RUACH HA KODESH, never would I have made it to Calvary. Without the Love of the FATHER, never would have MESSIAH been sacrificed. Without the BLOOD of YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH, without ATONEMENT would my soul be.

THOU, HOLY TRINITY, hast blessed my soul and raised me from spiritual poverty. THOU hast sent forth THY Prosperity, causing me to live and not die to declare THY Works assuredly. Make me to be more bold that I may not to shame give heed. THOU art crafting this vessel and wilt not, from the furnace, untimely retrieve. THOU hast, by MASHIACH, wiped the sweat from my brow and granted relief.

Many hath my afflictions been, yet upon MASHIACH do I lean. HE was a man of sorrows and therefore doth know my grief. Upon HIM do I call, for HE will, unlike this world, me receive. HE is my FOUNDATION and also CORNERSTONE CHIEF! It is in HIS NAME that I pray, for by HIS BLOOD can I Heaven achieve. I give THEE the GLORY ABBA YAHUVEH for the Holiness of THY Sovereignty! In YAHUSHUA, THINE Only Begotten SON’S NAME do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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