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There is No Holiness in GOD’S Enemies | Heavenly Manna

There is No Holiness in GOD’S Enemies | Heavenly Manna

    SOVEREIGN ELECT ONE, be THOU mine Strong Rock and hide me in THY CLEFT. Blessed be the POWER of THY NAME and the ANOINTING of THY SPIRIT! Blessed be the NAME of MESSIAH by which THOU hast delivered me!

FAITHFUL DADDY YAHUVEH, the strong man doth persecute my soul, seeking to take me to hell. I will have none of his ways, for the fruit of them is death. I delight myself in the Uprightness of THY Law! Grant me THY TRUTH and make me to know HIS Way. THOU hast given me HIS Life and for this I am in awe!

Blessed be my POTTER who hath formed me from the clay! Pour out THY SPIRIT upon me and teach me THY secrets. Lead me by THY RUACH with the Light of MESSIAH’S Day. HE is my SAVIOUR and REDEEMER KING! HE is my Light and my Salvation and hath become my STAY! I will lean upon HIS Staff and abide in HIS Timing! Lo!, HE is always with me, even to the end of this age! Blessed is my soul, for she hath by HIM been comforted!

ABBA DADDY YAHUVEH, have mercy on my soul! Have mercy and deliver me from all shame. I call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH and give GLORY to THY Throne. THOU hast provided HIM as the INTERCESSOR to plead my case.

FATHER YAHUVEH MOST HIGH, I am in need of THY Grace. I have sinned in THY Sight and transgressed THY Commands. Shed forth the Merciful BLOOD of MESSIAH upon my soul. I repent of my treachery and desire a new heart. Transform me and grant me a new name. Take away my reproach and restore unto me the joy of THY Salvation.

For but a moment took I my eyes off the KING and began to sink into the depths of the mire. Wash me of my guilt and purge me clean. Make me white as snow, yea, even as the snow atop the heights of Lebanon. I am but a worm in THY Sight, only fit for judgment. Yet by the BLOOD of the LAMB hast THOU transformed me from the cocoon.

Cast me not out of THY Sight, for belongeth I to THEE. Cover not THY Face and close not THY eyes at me. My father and my mother hath forsaken me, yet will I give THEE the GLORY! THOU hast taken me up by the Hand and caused me to live by faith. THY TRUTH doth burn within mine bones and it cannot be quenched. THY LIGHT hath purged this vessel, so once filled with iniquity. My life is no longer mine but MASHIACH’S, for mine old man hath been with HIM crucified. Let the widowhood of mine youth be forgotten. Let the HUSBAND of my soul be GLORIFIED!

PRAISE be to our MAKER, for HE is our covering! PRAISE be to our GOD, for HE is not dead but ALIVE! In HIM we live, move, and have our being. We know not the voice of the strange shepherd, only the ROCK of Israel. HE hath provided us Green Pastures and shade beneath HIS Wing. I shall dwell forever more in the Sight of mine KING. Unto HIM belongeth the earth, the fulness thereof, and all that therein dwell.

I am my BELOVED’S and HE is mine. HE is YAHUVEH’S Song of Deliverance, which doth drop down as Sweet New Wine! Yea, from the Hill of Zion hath HE arisen with a Glorious and Brilliant Shine! By the Righteousness of THY AWESOME SON, healed am I! HE hath baptized me in the POWER of HIS HOLINESS! HE hath encompassed me about with songs of HIS SACRIFICE! Blessed be my SAVIOUR who hath my soul, delivered from sinfulness! In THY NAME I pray, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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