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There is Rest in the LORD | Heavenly Manna (10)

There is Rest in the LORD | Heavenly Manna (10)

    HOLY KING who sits on the High and Lofty Hill, hear my cry. By the BLOOD of the LAMB do I supplicate and humbly draw nigh. By mine own power I dare not come or even dare lift up mine eye. Yet THOU hast clothed me with the Rays of THY SON and given me Eternal Life. I will go up to Zion and be prostrate before the LORD MOST HIGH! Circumcise THOU my heart and roll away the pride. Take my life and mold me by THY Right. Send forth THY seraphim with a coal so bright. Let my lips be purged and my tongue be untied. May the meditation of my heart and the utterance of my mouth be sanctified. Set this THY servant upon the mountain top, even above the tide. Make me to preach the TRUTH of THY KINGDOM that THOU mayest be GLORIFIED! ARISE! ARISE, THOU SOVEREIGN of the universe! Blessed be THY NAME and the NAME of THY SON! Blessed be the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH!! BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME of ABBA YAHUVEH!!!

Refresh THOU THY servants, for we are as a weary land. Send forth THINE SHKHINYAH RAIN and grant us aide. We have fought the good fight of faith and will continue every day. In the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, through HIS SHED BLOOD, do we make our stand.

BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, let THY Light so shine. Let the Light of THY TRUTH be found in me, inside. Burn brightly within this vessel of clay and dust. Let the LIVING MENORAH, THINE ELECT, be magnified! Set me as a city on a hill. Set me as a sign. May rivers of oil flow through my streets. Let the FOUNT of YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD be the Centerpiece.

THOU hast granted me Gates of Protection. THOU art my Barrier, my Wall, my Security! Protect me from the strange fire darts of death and destruction. THOU hast builded me not in vain, for in THY POWER do I abide, not faint. Outside the dogs do compass me about. They are set on ill-gotten gain, yea even prospering by iniquity. If I were built on the sand, then surely would they have the victory. Yet I am founded upon the ROCK, in whom is no treachery!

Defend THOU THY temple and set me free! Let not the abomination of desolation or the old man be found within me! I am THINE and THOU art the HEAD of this household. Let not on these walls be found the defilement of mildew or mold. In times past I was a haunt for the jackal and every unclean bird. Yet THOU sentest forth THY PRIEST and unto HIM was I sold.

Dwell within me forever more! Dwell within this tabernacle and may my heart be THY throne. Issue forth THY edicts and make THY Law to be my core!

Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for THY Wildfire Anointing! Thank YOU for the Oil of THY SON! Consume away the dross that I may be a vessel fit for the ‘finer. Help me to walk the Narrow Road and pass under the Straight Gate. Be THOU blessed to use this servant. I praise YOU, LIVING YAH, and end this my request. Shake THOU the heavens and the earth and cause me to dwell within THY Ark of Rest! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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