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This Too Shall Pass | Heavenly Manna

This Too Shall Pass | Heavenly Manna

    This too shall pass, as THOU hast said, FAITHFUL and TRUE BELOVED MASHIACH. I shall behold THY Clean and Pure Face once again. Before the foundation of this world didst I behold it. Help me to endure in obedience and overcome as a good and obedient soldier of THINE. THOU hast called me to the front lines. Mold my forehead to be as an adamant harder than flint. Craft my heart that I may not faint at the sight of such a vast army of wickedness. I lean wholly upon THEE and trust in the HUSBANDMAN’S VINE. Heal me beside these Living Waters where THOU hast planted me.

Waves of discouragement do beat against my life, yet I shall not faint. Torrents of frustration do pound against this tabernacle, yet I shall not fall. By THY Mercy, am I founded upon the SOLID ROCK. By THY Grace, am I sheltered against the storm. BLESSED MESSIAH, THY WORD is TRUE and every one a YEA and AMEN! Blessed HOLY FATHER, THY WORD is ALIVE and hath brought me through. I am more than a conqueror through HIM whom THOU hast given.

By the SPOTLESS BLOOD of the LAMB and the word of my testimony am I an overcomer. By crucifying my old man daily, am I able to disrobe this flesh. By faith unfeigned am I able to wear HIS ROBES of PURITY. HALLELUYAH! Blessed be my GUIDE, for HE never doth lead me astray! HE is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! HE is YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH!

PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH, strengthen these bones of mine and rest upon mine shoulders. Help me to wear the yoke of MESSIAH and submit to HIS AUTHORITY. BLESSED IMMAYAH, train me up in HIS WAY and I shall not depart. Speak to me the Words of the FATHER that I so desperately need. Burn THY TRUTH within my heart!

THY Words of reassurance are as marrow to my bones and health to my navel. I do not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth forth from THY Throne. Help me to be grateful for all that I have. In whatsoever state I am, let me always be content. THOU dost provide for all them that seek first the KINGDOM of Heaven and the Righteousness of THY SON. Yea, THOU dost cause HIM to arise with Healing in HIS Wings and Joy in HIS Light.

O BLESSED TRINITY, THOU art the FOUNT of my life! THOU dost water this tree and protect it from blight. THOU dost dung it about and prune it with MESSIAH’S Right. Pluck me not up, but keep me as the apple of THINE Eye. Lay not THINE Axe to my root, but instead keep me humble inside. Help me to produce good fruit, well-pleasing in THY Sight.

I am THINE and THOU art mine. Blessed be my KING who hath showed me the Good Sign! HE hath lifted up the STANDARD and swallowed up the overrunning flood! By the POWER of HIS HOLY RUACH hath HE made me to abide. I dwell in the midst of the City of Gladness, whose KING is her MAKER. I dwell before HIS Throne; may HIS NAME be forever GLORIFIED! EXALTED, EXTOLLED, MAGNIFIED be our KING MESSIAH! HE became a servant to deliver those in harsh servitude. Blessed be our FRIEND, for HE did lay HIS Life down for the brethren! Blessed be the ANCIENT of Days who did raise HIS SON from the tomb!

Cause me to go forth and I shall come. Beckon me with THY Right Hand, so Fair and True. Cause me to ascend and take me up. At the sound of the triumphant shout, cause me to at the Marriage Supper of the LAMB sup. May my heart be counted worthy to be wed to THEE! Without fault, may THOU findest my testimony! So, let it be for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME I pray, HOLY ABBA YAHUVEH, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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