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To sin in your heart is to sin against GOD! | Heavenly Manna

To sin in your heart is to sin against GOD | Heavenly Manna

    By THY Law, at the revealing of THY SPIRIT, do I know the errors of my ways. THOU art merciful to discover to me mine transgressions. THOU art faithful to chastise me with THY Correcting Rod. Let me not ever shun THY Holy Touch. Nay, may it be that I only unto THEE draw nigh. THOU hast raised me up for such a time as this and wilt perform THY Vow.

Create in me a new heart without flaw. THOU truly art the POTTER and I the clay. THOU dost mold me as THOU wilt, changing my shape. THOU hast brought me from the kiln, resurrecting me this day. Store within this earthen vessel THY Holy Word. THY Word is alive and never ending. THOU wilt not leave off THY purpose but wilt surely perform it.

Help me to abide in THY will. Let me not depart from thence. Teach me to be wise, not forsaking common sense. Adjust my life and bring to it THY Balance. Hold me in the Palm of THY Hand and hide me from the ungodly avalanche. In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, through HIS SHED BLOOD is my holy stance.

I shall not depart from the LIVING GOD, for HE hath brought me into existence. I owe my life to HIM and my loyalty to none else. Why should I grieve HIS RUACH and waste my substance? HE hath provided me food and shelter, yea even Mighty Deliverance! Bought with the PRECIOUS BLOOD am I, so I give HIM due reverence. With the legs HE hath given me, so shall I in HIS Sight dance!

YAHUVEH my GOD hath given me, into HIS KINGDOM, unhindered entrance. Upon the HOLY ONE do I lean, for HE is the RIGHTEOUS BRANCH. HE hath sprung forth from dry ground, even the desolate wilderness. HE came at the FATHER’S Command, t’was no coincidence. In an acceptable time did YAHUSHUA come with much evidence. Though HE declared by both Word and Deed who HE was, HE was met with much resistance.

As it was then, so it is now with few having HIM in acceptance. From the least to the greatest, so do they still conjure up against HIM false witness. Yet it was only once ordained that HE should keep silence. YAH is not mocked and will surely them recompence. HE shall send forth mighty hurricanes, tools of HIS vengeance!

HE shall start with the elders, those called of HIS house “ancients.” HE shall meet them as a bear robbed of her whelps and at that with great prowess. HE did beckon unto them with great mercy, offering them repentance. Yet they did despise the HOLY ONE of Israel, considering HIM an inconvenience.

It hath been set and they have been marked, they shall not escape their dreadful sentence. They have made void their counsel, for they hath abandoned YAH’S Commandments. They teach for doctrine demonic traditions. They shall all of them be exposed and to naught will come their enchantments. There shall none of them be spared when HE executeth HIS judgments!

What do ye imagine in your vain hearts against the KING of Kings? What do ye purpose and for what end are these devices? Ye shall all of you be scattered and fall within thy traps! Though ye be folden together as thorns, ye shall all of you be put to the furnace! Yea, ye shall be consumed in the Day of Great Distress! Calamity upon calamity, woe upon woe shall ye in that Day experience! But to him of an upright heart shall be granted great endurance. Upon such an one shall be lifted the KING’S HOLY Countenance.

To HIM who sitteth on the Throne and unto the LAMB be GLORY and HONOR, POWER and BLESSINGS! Let us all bless the KING, for HE hath caught us up at once! Let us rejoice in YAHUSHUA, for HE is our BLESSED ASSURANCE!!! Let us boast in YAHUSHUA, for in HIM alone have we confidence! In YAHUSHUA our BLESSED RETURNING KING’S NAME I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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