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Trust in the NAME above ALL names | Heavenly Manna (6)

Trust in the NAME above ALL names | Heavenly Manna (6)

    ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU art my life and the SOURCE of my Salvation! By THY Right Hand THOU hast set me upon the SOLID ROCK. The Words of THY Mouth are better to me than rivers of oil and fields of wheat. Issuing forth from THY Holy Throne goeth streams of living lightning and cloven tongues of fire. Yea, the sound waves cannot contain their praise of THEE and erupt with magnificent thunder. THOU art Worthy to be praised! The Light of THY Presence doth emanate TRUTH which is seated upon THY Holy Countenance.

Every creature shall be prostrate and every tongue shall cry before THY Sovereign Throne that MASHIACH is LORD and REDEEMER of all mankind. All the fair angels shall soar about THY Throne. Yea, they shall take up their harps and sing in one accord, “THOU art Worthy, THOU ANCIENT of Days! HOLY! HOLY!! HOLY!!! is HE who was, is, and is to come!”

Rivers of waters run down my cheeks in awe of THY Indescribable Mercy. Surely THOU pitiest the poor and hath mercy on the sinner. THOU raisest up the needy from the dunghill and cleanseth them with THY Fragrance. THOU dost make their shame to flee apace. THOU dost make to be no more remembered their disgrace. We trust in the LAMB and adhere to HIS Statutes. Where ever HE doth go, so let us flow.

When I was young and foolish I didst gird my loins and walked after the vain imaginations of mine own heart. THOU hast made me to grow older; I stretch forth mine hands and ask THOU to gird me. Lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I even if I must needs pass through valley of the shadow of death.

YAHUSHUA my GOOD SHEPHERD is with me, therefore I shall not faint. I shall not go in lack, nor shall I be disgraced. By HIS Staff doth HE comfort me and by HIS Rod doth HE discomfit all mine enemies. Oh HIS Glorious Throne is a wonder to behold! It hath the appearance of frost and yet HIS Statutes never melt away. Yea, though heaven and earth and all the elements thereof shall melt in the Fervent Heat, HIS Word shall abide forever, for they are pure.

Shout for joy unto the LION and the LAMB! Shout unto the Word-made-flesh and glory in HIS Triumph! HE hath conquered death, hell, and the grave! Truly, truly HE is my ROCK and my SALVATION!! HE hath overcome and by HIS BLOOD we have VICTORY!!! We go forth in the NAME of VICTORY!!! We trust in YAHUSHUA our SAVIOUR whose NAME alone is VICTORY!!!

Impart to me New Speech that I may publish abroad THY Good News in other tongues. Baptize me with THY HOLY RUACH and set forth THY breath in my lungs. Man does not live by earthly bread alone but by the Living Bread which cometh down from Heaven. THOU hast circumcised my heart and shown me True Love. THOU hast healed my breach caused by the transgression of mine own right hand. THOU hast clothed me in THY Righteousness and taken away my reproach. By the LIVING NAME, the SACRED NAME, can I to THY Throne approach.

All they who call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH in the Day of Great Trial shall not be ashamed. Come not in the name of a man or the false prophet. Come not in the name of an alien or satan’s son. Take hold of YAH’S TRUTH and depart not from the ways thereof. YAH MOST HIGH, search THOU mine inward parts.

Once I was a tomb full of dead men’s bones. Then MASHIACH suddenly appeared and transformed me into a Temple of the HOLY ONE! Let THY ARK dwell in my heart. Let the BLOOD of MASHIACH overflow me. Make me to sit in peace and praise THY HOLY NAME.

satan doth lash forth, seeking to ensnare me. Deep within my soul were his flesh hooks set. Hopeless in chaos was my heart encompassed about and beset.

Then that Still Small Voice did cause me to be free. “Salvation,” did SHE whisper; yea, “Repent of thine iniquities.” SHE led me to the Hill of Calvary and to the foot of MASHIACH.

HE hung their naked, beaten, and put to shame. “My GOD, what have I done?!,” did I declare. I had slain MASHIACH by my transgression. Yet it was all part of the FATHER’S plan to redeem me from destruction. Yea, I know I do not deserve this MIGHTY SALVATION! Yea, I deserve a fate worse than even abominable Sodom. Yet HE by HIS mercy didst choose me. For HIS NAME’S Sake did HE grant jubilee. My life is not mine but HIS. I tried living without HIM and failed.

On the edge of hell’s cliff did I dance to the tune of satan. By living for myself I almost lost it all. By MASHIACH’S Grace was I found, ’tis amazing it’s true. Take me to the Cross and teach me how to die. Teach me how to live my life in HIM, crucified. All that I am and all that I’ll ever be, I owe it all to THEE! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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