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Walk by FAITH and NOT by sight! | Heavenly Manna

Walk by FAITH and NOT by sight! | Heavenly Manna

Let not mine eyes be fixed upon vanity. Let them only behold the Uprightness of THY TRUTH. To and fro went mine eyes for many a year from vanity to vanity. Blinded became I by the filthiness of my flesh, for by whoredoms didst I transgress. In darkness was I made to wander by reason of my pride. Covered was I by mine own vomit and sty. Yea, I didst wallow in the putrid and fleshly tide. Then as I was about to be swallowed by hell and made one with the lie, my soul did remember the goodness of the MOST HIGH. Faint by weakness was my cry for HIM to me help. Yet, with the saving strength of HIS Right Arm did answer my EL SHADDAI! PRAISE be to the LIVING ONE who hath holpen HIS servant Israel!

O LORD YAHUVEH, THOU has promised never to leave or forsake me. THOU hast given the warning to stay strong no matter the trouble I see. Yea, THOU hast given this servant Words of TRUTH that I may not fail. THOU hast provided me THY SON, Heaven’s LIVING MANNA. For the sake of HIS elect wilt THOU these end times curtail. THOU wilt not leave us to the oppressors but surely hide us behind the tabernacle veil. THOU wilt hear our cries and intercessory prayers. THOU hast promised that to us THOU wilt not deafen THINE ears, for we come by the BLOOD of the LAMB, with which HE shed many tears.

O MASHIACH YAHUSHUA, THOU hast laid down THY Life for the raising of many. THOU hast brought back my soul from the pit of destruction. Mine eyes hast THOU opened and mine ears too! THOU hast taught me life where once I only knew the tomb! THOU took my place in the grave and then arose by the POWER of the HOLY ONE! In THEE was found no sin or any transgression. In THEE was found only TRUTH and for us THY Loving Passion. Yet the rulers did hate THEE and shunned THY Ransom. They did gnash on THEE with their teeth by wicked violation. Yea, they did speak against the LIVING TORAH, calling HIM an abomination.

Yet THOU art HOLY and so TRUE! Though THOU didst keep THY mouth shut, it was not because they were justified in their aggression. THOU wast sent to be delivered up for the peoples’ Salvation. THOU wast sent to a stiff-necked and back-sliding nation. ‘Tis only a matter of time till Israel repents, though for so long they have only shown THEE rejection. They shall soon hearken unto the sound of the alarm and be revived by HIM who is the RESURRECTION!

O what a glorious day that shall be when Israel will unto HIM make supplication! O our hearts are unto THEE finally united, for we have been healed by THY correction! Come YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, come! Come and tell us of these wounds in THY Hands and in THY Feet. What meanest these and what was THINE affliction? Then THOU wilt say, “In the house of MY friends didst I receive these, t’was by crucifixion. MY Life didst I lay down and for THEE accepted execution.”

THOU wast lifted up to draw all men nigh. Surely they shall be gathered and presented in THY Sight. At the mention of THY NAME, O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, will every knee bow and every tongue make confession. We shall honor THY Throne to the GLORY of YAHUVEH GOD MOST HIGH! We await that day when unto THEE shall submit all of creation. We bless THY Word and worship the LIVING COMMAND. HE is the SOLID ROCK, the only firm foundation. Let us examine ourselves to see if we be in the faith and repent of our sins, for the KINGDOM of Heaven is at hand! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el

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