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What Happens If You Follow GOD? | Heavenly Manna (8)

What Happens If You Follow GOD? | Heavenly Manna (8)

    MIGHTY DELIVERER GOD, THOU art clothed in Fiery GLORY! At THY Command doth the heavens flee apace. At THY Mighty Rebuke, the Jordan drieth up. We incline our ears unto THEE, for with THEE is life and life more abundantly!

LORD YAH, what is the heart of the matter? What is the matter with my heart? My heart is deceitfully wicked. It doth seek to turn me out of THY Way. By following mine own heart, my ways are made to be crooked. Create in me a New Heart. Yea, bring forth the New!

BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, THY NAME is to be praised! Yea, I praise it and call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA THINE Only Begotten SON! FAITHFUL and TRUE is HE! From the end of myself did I cry unto HIM and HE saved me.

Blessed be the Salvation born at Calvary! Blessed be the GLORIOUS ONE, THINE ELECT! Blessed be my MASTER and SHIPBUILDER! HE hath provided me an Ark, where from the rage I may be safe. Grant me Safe Passover! Yea, grant me THY Law! Hide THOU me under THY Mercy Seat! Be THOU enthroned upon mine heart!

Let the cherubim sing for glory and pronounce a multitude of blessings upon THEE! Yea, let all the angels hearken unto THY Command and make ready for war! Let THY flaming ministers shoot forth like lightning! Let THY holy creatures encamp about THY children!

MIGHTY GOD, THOU KING of Yisrael, send forth flames from THY Throne, yea send forth THY Mighty Word. Send forth THY SON and rain forth fire and brimstone!

SOVEREIGN and ELECT of Yisrael, blessed be THY NAME! Give us spiritual ears to hear that we may be more obedient. Burn THY TRUTH within us that we may not be ashamed. Let us hold fast to THY sonnets and THY parables expedient. Every Word that proceedeth out of THY Mouth is a YEA and AMEN! The Words of THY Mouth are better than the dew of Mount Hermon!

Let the elect cry forth and take up a sonnet. Let the Bride cease from tarrying and come out from her closet. Let the BRIDEGROOM appear at the sound of the Mighty Trumpet! Yea, let the heavens and the earth rejoice, for the KING is coming! Let the heathen melt away as wax before the flame! Let the sound of rejoicing be heard in Heaven’s Court. Let the KING and JUDGE of all execute fierce judgment upon the reprobate! Cursed be the hand of the dark one and cursed be the brow of the whore! Mark them for destruction and deliver from them those YOU adore!

My GOD is YAHUVEH and HE doeth whatsoever HE will! My GOD is alive and not some idol upon a hill! HE ruleth Mount Zion in GREAT GLORY! Darest thou to speak against HIS Throne?! Behold! HE sendeth forth thy reward out of the south. Go ye out to meet it! Thy reward is bright and flawless, ye hypocrite! Thy reward is exceeding strong, yea it hath no end! Thy reward is born from the Breath of the LIVING GOD! Go ye out to meet thy doom! Thou wilt not escape the Fiery Tempest of the MOST HIGH YAH! HE shall surely bring a recompense.

Yea, upon the heads of the wicked will HE cause to fall HIS cloven tongues of fury! YAHUVEH is my AVENGER and in no wise will let one hair on my body perish, if I will but hearken unto HIM my hearing.

Blessed be the FAIR and GLORIOUS CHILD of the MOST HIGH GOD! Blessed be the RIGHTEOUS SON of YAH! Let all that I am be poured forth as an acceptable drink offering unto THEE. Though my life is as a vapor, so may it be as sweet incense rising before THEE.

The BLOOD of the LAMB is upon mine heart. The LAMB of GOD hath given me a New Start. I shall finish this race of faith and persevere unto the end. Let the SPIRIT of GOD fill my lungs that I may breathe the TRUTH of HIS Life. Let the saints in glory praise the MOST HIGH!

Let THY will be done and not mine! I am sorry for my foolishness, selfishness, and pride. Forgive me of my faults, for my sins, for my haste. Let me dwell by THY Side and of THY Healing Fruit taste. I repent by the BLOOD of the LAMB and seek THY Healing Rain. THOU art my KING, my SAVIOUR, my FRIEND! Blessed is the KING who became the SERVANT in order to die for me! Blessed is my BELOVED in whom is no sin! Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for this Year of Jubilee! Thank YOU for life and life more abundantly! Thank YOU for THY Grace, Love, and Mercy! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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