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What Is Meant For Evil, GOD Turns Around For Those Who Obey | Heavenly Manna (16)

What Is Meant For Evil, GOD Turns Around For Those Who Obey | Heavenly Manna (16)

    FAITHFUL MASHIACH, the Fount of THY BLOOD is Pure and Holy. The Way of THY TRUTH is without pitfall. Take me by THINE Hand and lead me unto THY Holy Mount. Strengthen my weak knees and cause mine arms to be stout. Make me to be whole, not that I may rely on myself, but that I may mount up with wings like eagles. Blessed be THY Faithful Hand! THOU art Steady and Sure. All that THOU doest is balanced and fair. Come THOU into mine heart and sup with me. I am forever THINE. Let THY BLOOD wash me clean!

The plans THOU hast for me are for good and not for evil. THOU knowest mine downsitting even before mine uprising. THOU knewest mine end even from the beginning. THOU art the FAITHFUL ALEPH and TAV. Let THY Wildfire Love flow through me and purify my heart. Let the Right Hand of the MOST HIGH be established in my life!

Let all that I am sing praises unto THY Sovereign and Upright Throne. The Light of THY TRUTH hath upon me shone. THOU hast changed mine countenance and made me glad! By THY SACRIFICE, THOU didst my soul atone! Blessed be THY Sovereign and Merciful Throne! Blessed is HE who hath purchased me for HIS own! THOU hast taken away death and unto me life didst THOU add! I am forever THINE; a work of THY Hands!

The rage of the adversary is cruel and hard. The venom of his lies will leave thee cleaved and

scarred. Depart ye from the midst of his camp and repent! Forsake the vain meddlings of sin and death! Come unto MASHIACH and follow the LAMB! HE will clean thee in the Green Pastures beside the Still Waters. Come unto the WELLSPRING of Eternal Life! Drink ye to the full and cast thy cares upon HIM. Let not the economic woes disturb thine countenance. These vexations are for the heathen, not YAHUVEH’S children and servants.

Put your hand on the plow and labor in HIS Harvest Field. Let the wheat be divided from the chaff. Let the chaff be as stubble in HIS Wildfire Winnowing Wind! Trust in MASHIACH, for HIS Love is clean, enduring forever! Let HIS Love wash over thee and cleanse thee of all sins. Open thine heart and receive the fulness of HIS KINGDOM. Turn ye from every wicked way and thou shalt not be ashamed at HIS Coming.

What the enemy hath meant for evil, YAH hath meant for good. Let not the troubling ways of the heathen steal thy so holy faith. Neglect not thy High Calling, but instead press on toward the mark. May HIS NAME be sealed upon our foreheads and burned within our hearts. All things work together for good to them that obey YAH, to them that are called according to HIS good pleasure. Therefore faint not, O little ones. Faint not. Be not so soon removed from thy SOLID ROCK of FAITH. Trust the LAMB, for unto Mount Zion doth HE beckon thee. Stretch forth for Heaven’s best.

Give YAH ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY, for ’tis a GREAT HONOR to serve in HIS KINGDOM! Let the least to the greatest shout for joy! Let the TRIUMPHANT ONE be magnified, lauded, and exalted! Let the Habitation of the HOLY ONE be blessed! Yea, let the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, our Soon Coming CREATOR, receive our worship! YEA and AMEN! HALLELUYAH! HALLELUYAH! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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