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What is the Condition of Your Heart? | Heavenly Manna

What is the Condition of Your Heart? | Heavenly Manna

    O MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM, forgive me for mine arrogant and boastful ways. By leaning upon the broken staff of mine own understanding, have I with actions shown unto THEE disdain. I truly am but dust. My heart is not pure, but by my flesh stained. The heart is exceedingly wicked, full of youthful lust. THOU hast revealed by the POWER of THY Word, what doth me motivate.

O THOU who abidest of old, grant me a new heart that I may enter THY Gate. Take and refine me, this THY vessel of clay. Cast me not aside, O LIVING GOD YAHUVEH! I am THINE. THY SON hath with HIS BLOOD atoned for my soul. Though my sins were as scarlet, HE hath made me white as snow. By THY Mercy do I wear MESSIAH’S Righteous Robe. HE hath made me clean where once I was filthy in rebellion. By HIS Grace, HE hath made me to be wholly clothed. Bought with the PRECIOUS BLOOD of the LAMB am I. PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY do I give unto THEE, SOVEREIGN MOST HIGH!

Shout for joy and leap ye hills of Bashan! Let the oceans roar forth their praise of HE who hath founded them! Let creation and the fulness thereof give unto the CREATOR their undivided attention! HE is Worthy to be the apple of our eye! By HIS POWER, HE hath given me the Life and the Resurrection! Though the righteous man fall, it shall be by the Strong Arm of the LORD that he is made alive! Yea, in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH we have life, joy, and peace inside. It is not by our power, strength, or anointing, but by the SPIRIT of our ELOHIM that we dwell in the Light. HE hath gone forth and conquered. HE hath gotten the VICTORY! By HIS own Strength hath HE defeated death, hell, and satan’s fury!

Let us go up to Zion, O ye brethren of mine! Let us go up with the timbrel and ten-stringed harp! Let us go up with the sacrifice of thanksgiving and dance in HIS Sight! The hills and the earth and all that dwelleth therein hath HE made! HE hath, by HIS Bountiful Mercy, made the mountains to drop down sweet wine. HE hath succoured them who were cast aside. HE hath comforted them who mourned. Yea, YAHUSHUA our MESSIAH hath made us to forget the former time.

We dwell in a new age without sin and death! We dwell with our LORD who standeth in the midst of us! The LAMB who was slain hath brought us through Great Tribulation! By HIS Stripes, we have overcome! By HIS Testimony, and ours within HIM, have we been made partakers of the FATHER’S GLORIOUS KINGDOM! PRAISE be to the LIVING MANNA come down from Heaven! PRAISE be to the RIGHTEOUS LION from the Tribe of Judah! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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