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When it seems like all is lost | Heavenly Manna

When it seems like all is lost | Heavenly Manna

    The BLOOD of YAHUSHUA doth cover me. The Grace of my LORD doth overflow as a new spring in the desert. HE is my Oasis and Time of Refreshing. HE is my Hope and Peace even in the midst of chaos. Yea, my KING doth have HIS way in the seas and HIS Heart doth shower forth life. My spirit hath HE caused to drink of HIS Living Waters. I am HIS broken vessel of clay within which HE hath poured forth HIS RUACH HA KODESH. SHE doth burn in me and lighteth my path. ABBA YAHUVEH hath not left me in darkness. HE hath not given me over unto HIS Wrath. HE hath clothed me with HIS Light, translating me from death.

PRAISE ye YAHUVEH, ye who dwell in the heights of Lebanon! Humble thyselves and hearken no more to thy vain soothsayers. Give no heed to thine idols, but instead burn them in the fire. Forsake the vanity of thy fathers and seek the GOD of the living while HE may yet be found. In the Time of Wrath, which shall come upon all idolaters, it will be too late. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the Day of the LAMB’S Wrath. Turn ye from your wicked ways and be ye cleansed of thine pollutions. Slay not the innocent, but commit thyselves unto their preservation.

Render righteous judgment and thou shalt thyself be delivered. Follow the Law of the LAMB, for HE cometh to take vengeance on all them that practice iniquity. Yea, though they may prosper in this life through conceits and treachery, they shall not escape the eternal damnation. What doth it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his very soul? ‘Tis vanity and a blowing of the wind. They are as clanging cymbols and rejected dross. Inferior metals are they and reprobate concerning the LORD. Therefore HE hath banished them from HIS KINGDOM. They shall all of them work out their own damnation with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Let the scoffers scoff and the mockers mock but ’twill not stop the Coming of the RIGHTEOUS KING! In Fury doth HE come, to with their blood, soak HIS Garment. HIS eye will not spare and neither will HIS Heart show any pity. They are all of them blasphemers; exiled are they from the Great City! They shall all of them make servitude unto the worms while chained with darkness. There shall no Peace be given them, for they have utterly rejected the True PRINCE of PEACE. Without the BLESSED HOPE, there is no true hope. He who rejecteth the ATONING LAMB hath no true deliverance.

It is better to be a doorkeeper in the house of my GOD YAHUVEH than to live sumptuously in the bedroom of the whore. Her bed is the bed of affliction and all they that enter her chamber are as a brute beast that goeth unto the slaughter. They know not ’tis filled with dead men’s bones and that ’tis a portal to hell. She hath slain many kings by her seduction. And by her craft hath she ensnared many who buy and sell. Her balances are false, set for the buyer’s destruction. Her heart is desperately wicked, who can tell? The LORD YAHUVEH who avengeth! HE shall pour down HIS Holy Reign of Terror! She shall be swept into hell with all them that embrace error! By a flood, out of the bowls of HIS curses, shall she be carried into everlasting horror!

Stand up ye saints and praise ye YAH, for HE hath taken vengeance by HIS Order! Weep not any more, for HE is our Healer and hath caused us to dwell within Zion’s border! Though we wept all the night long, HE hath with the rays of HIS SON dried all our tears. HE hath caused the Light to break forth and cleanse our wounds. The SON hath arisen with wholeness in HIS Wings. We shall forever dwell in HIS Light where there is fulness of joy. HE is our STRENGTH and MIGHTY DELIVERER! HE is our CAPTAIN and HIGH SAVIOUR! Blessed be the LAMB who dwelleth in the midst of us. We shall, from HIS temple, never more go out. HE hath made us to be pillars and in HIS NAME do we stand. PRAISE be to the EVERLASTING ONE who hath made me whole! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I praise, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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