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When the earth is shaken, fear NOT! | Heavenly Manna

When the earth is shaken, fear NOT! | Heavenly Manna

    O my FAITHFUL MASHIACH, THOU art so WORTHY! When the noonday sun doth blaze so bright and the heat thereof doth dry up the waterbrook, I shall not faint. Nay, for in THEE put I my trust and by THY Strength shall I not fall. THOU art to me a continual Covert and a Well-spring of Life. Yea, THOU dost provide a place for me to lay mine head. THOU dost take away my burdens and grant me THINE instead. THY burden is light and THY yoke easy. THOU hast caused me to rest, making me to mend. THOU art the POTTER and I, THY vessel. Cause me to launch forth to where ever THOU dost me send. May I carry THY Precious Cargo, the Fruits of THY SPIRIT.

O BELOVED and TRUE YAHUSHUA, my hope is alone in THEE! Though my heart doth tremble, it shall not by reason of fear break. THOU alone dost try my reins to see if I will obey. THOU alone dost know the depths of my pain. Heal me, O YAHUVEH, and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved, for THOU art my praise (Jeremiah 17:14)! My heart is filled with grief and by it maimed.

Yet THOU art the GREAT PHYSICIAN and wilt NOT leave me lame! THOU hast come into my heart and I shall NEVER be the same! THOU hast caused me to call upon THY NAME! Truly they who worship THEE in SPIRIT and in TRUTH will not be ashamed! THOU wilt cause them to mount up with wings of eagles because THOU overcame! Yea, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH hath risen from the dead, defeating the grave! In HIM we live, move, and have our being, for HE is the Way! HALLELUYAH!!!

FAITHFUL FATHER, unto THEE alone do I give the GLORY! THOU hast holpen me in mine infirmities, healing me of the plague. When I cried forth out of deep anguish, THOU didst answer me speedily. My FATHER YAHUVEH did not answer me with rage. HE didst by HIS grace, wash me throughly. HE answered from on High and didst declare jubilee. Now do I serve THEE and work out my salvation with much fear and trembling. Increase THOU mine faith that I faint not in any testing. Purify my heart that I give no heed to grumbling. Cause me to lay down in the Ark of THY nesting. By the Promise of THY Word shall I inherit eternal resting. Beneath the shadow of THY Wings shall I abide; in THEE trusting.

Overshadow me with THY Presence and bless THY servant. Sow forth THY Seed of TRUTH within my womb and cause it to grow. May THY fruit in my womb be complete and whole. Use THOU me to birth whatever THOU dost desire. I am THY willing vessel desiring to do whatever I am told. Whenever it is needed, THOU dost me lovingly scold. If ever I need to be spanked, THOU wilt not this from me withhold.

Blessed is the man whom THOU chastenest! Blessed is he when THOU dost reprove his soul! By this a man is taught to be responsible. By this do we know THOU dost us hold. THOU art our LOVING FATHER and only desirest to bless us in full. THOU art pleased and not angry with those who show themselves teachable. Receiving correction dost unto THEE show that we believe THOU art in control.

O MIGHTY ONE of Israel, deliver my soul for I am in trouble! The enemy doth rage, wanting to take me to sheol. Save me for THY tender-mercy’s sake!!! I am for peace, but they are for war. I am for TRUTH, but they feed on lies. They sow to the wind and shall reap the whirlwind. They are adorned with vanity, shunning THY Reward. THOU wilt recompense them in Fury according to their sin. THOU wilt deliver me, for THOU hast heard my supplication. Hear me, o nations, YAHUVEH MOST HIGH will rescue me, for HIS SON is my FIRM FOUNDATION! Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for this vindication! In THINE Only Begotten SON’S NAME do I pray, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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