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Where your faith is, GOD will answer you! | Heavenly Manna

Where your faith is, GOD will answer you! | Heavenly Manna

    O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THY Love doth wash over me as a mighty living torrent of water! THOU dost revive my soul with THY Lips as THOU doth kiss my brow. THOU hast given me wings as an eagle to soar and mount up on High. I ascend not to establish mine own throne but instead to in THINE dwell. Yea, THOU hast provided me an habitation in the ROCK and relieved me of mine sorrows.

Where would I be without THINE Unfeigned Love? What would I do without THY Faithful Counsel? THOU hast both led me through the valley of the shadow of death and around the snares of the fowler. THY HOLY RUACH hast THOU made to be the Wind beneath my wings. SHE hath carried me unto THEE, my LORD, my High Tower! SHE hath inspired me to, unto THEE, this song sing!

Yea, THOU hast made my crooked paths straight. THOU hast corrected my wanderings and shown me my holy fate. Unto THEE do I give reverence and upon THY HOLY NAME do I call. Truly THY Coming, do I fervently await! THOU hast girded mine loins with TRUTH and sealed mine heart with THY Righteousness! As hinds’ feet hast THOU made mine own by THY Peace. For my faith in THEE hast THOU erected a Guarding Standard.

Yea, with this Standard hast THOU the enemy caused to be overrun. THOU hast my mind wrapped about with Salvation. THOU hast given me THY SWORD which doth divide from me the enemy’s lies. O YAHUVEH, truly THOU hast armored me and clothed me with THY SON. This Armor of Light do I wear, that Garment of Praise. THOU hast clothed me in a wedding garment. May it be without spot, wrinkle, or stain.

THOU hast as a knight made me to be. THOU hast sent me forth to slay the dragon and set the captives free. By THY NAME do I go forth; not for my fame. THOU hast sent me forth for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!! If I turn not back but press on, then will I the VICTORY gain! THOU art the KING and I, the servant. May I be humble and only support THY Reign. In Mercy and TRUTH dost THOU Rule.

By Justice and Wisdom dost THOU remain. THOU art the ETERNAL ONE, the ANCIENT of Days! THOU art my FATHER who forever is the same! THOU didst heal me of my depression which madest me lame! THOU hast not spared to me correct, that I by sin should not be slain. THINE Anointing hast me caused to resurrect, that my life should not ever wane. From THY Hand may I never shrink back, that I be not sent to everlasting shame.

O BELOVED MASHIACH, THOU didst not from the SACRIFICE refrain. THOU hast ransomed me from death, hell, and the grave! Gushed forth did that BLOOD from IMMANUEL’S veins. Bathed in HIS HOLINESS am I, by this PURIFYING RAIN. Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH for saving me, the least wheat grain! THOU hast kept THY Promise, for THOU wilt not allow, THY NAME, the nations to profane.

They have hell to shun and Heaven to gain. They must repent if they are to enter the Righteous Gate. In Heaven there is joy, but in hell only pain. The wicked grow more wicked, showing the hour is late. They hearken unto idols though THOU hast pronounced them vain. It is THOU who art GOD, for the nations didst only THOU create. They who embrace idols are given over to a mind insane. If they will not repent, then wilt THOU declare them as reprobate.

O FAITHFUL MASHIACH, may it never be that in another place I my faith. The strange waves of the raging seas will only put one in an altered state. I will lift up mine eyes unto the heavens from whence cometh my HOLY MATE. THOU YAHUSHUA, art my BRIDEGROOM whom only do I embrace. Please count me worthy that I may escape the Tribulation Great! Please hurry unto THY children, come with haste! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I, HOLY ABBA YAHUVEH, supplicate!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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