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YAHUSHUA Blesses HIS Beloved Ones | Heavenly Manna

YAHUSHUA Blesses HIS Beloved Ones | Heavenly Manna

    No good thing shall THY saints lack. Yea, by THINE abounding Mercy, THOU hast provided the SACRIFICE LAMB. In HIM, we live, move, and have our being. Our identity is no longer in crisis, for HIS plans for us are for good and not for evil. HE hath purposed by HIS Right Hand to deliver us from the flood of the ungodly ones. Yea, though they rise up as a dark tidal wave, they shall all of them be scattered against the ROCK of mine Salvation! HALLELUYAH!!! VICTORY belongeth unto the LAMB!!! JUBILEE belongeth unto all them who honor the GREAT “I AM.”

YEA and AMEN to the destruction of the wicked! YEA and AMEN to the preservation of HIS saints! YAH knoweth how to protect HIS own. HE hath pockets all over this world for HIS saints to run into, for is HE not the High Tower of Refuge and Strength? Is HE not the TRUSTED HOPE of Israel? Though their hearts fail for fear, HE shall not be undone. Though the multitudes of the lukewarm deafen their ears, HE shall not change HIS Ways.

Our GOD ruleth in the midst of HIS people! A flaming stream issueth forth from HIS Throne. HE is MIGHTY in POWER and AWESOME in STRENGTH. Our GOD is the MOST HIGH and not limited by man’s carnal thinking. HE is not bound to the doctrines of men and devils. HE ruleth by TRUTH and meteth out judgment by HIS Counsel. There is no god like our GOD, for all else is but vanity and vexation.

Who may abide the Day of HIS Great Anger? Who may survive the Great Tribulation? They who humble themselves and turn with all their hearts, with all their minds, and with all their strength from their grievous revoltings. They who rend their hearts and not their garments; these shall experience HIS Passover. Trust ye in the BLOOD of the LAMB and allow HIM to purify thee whiter than snow.

HE shall not always strive with mankind, for dost thou not know that HIS patience hath an end? ‘Tis true that HIS Grace endureth forever, BUT only for those striving to obey. Trample not HIS Loving-kindness and neither do HIS BLOOD harm. Profane not that which HE hath cleansed and turn not again unto thy vomit.

Thou art turned from being a dog into a sheep. Thou hast been made a new creature. Thou hast been washed and cleansed. Thou wast taken from the pig pen. Thy life hath been made righteous where once thou wast caged in the muck of sin. Show forth a good conversation in the sight of all and do no iniquity in secret. Be humble and contrite, knowing thou art but dust. This doth please the LORD of GLORY and ’tis a must.

It is better to find favor in the Sight of the KING than to be spoken well of by those of this world. They who fellowship with this world have set themselves as enemies of GOD mine Avenger. Those who commune with the LAMB shall be accepted by Heaven. In SPIRIT and in TRUTH, abide in the HOLY VINE. Drink of HIS BLOOD and partake of HIS FRUIT and thou shalt be, HIS Ark, hidden inside.

PRAISE be to the LIVING LAMB, for HE hath not withholden HIMSELF from us! HE hath given HIS life for to ransom this world. HE hath come to seek and to save those who are lost. HE hath delivered me by HIS High Hand. Truly I am eternally grateful for HIS delivering Mercy. Truly I am enraptured by HIS Glorious Love. HE hath encompassed me about with sweet songs of deliverance. May the KING live! May the KING live! Yea, HE is the ANCIENT of Days; without beginning, without end!

Let the GLORY of the former and the latter rain be, upon us, bestowed by HIS Wind. The GLORY of the latter house shall exceed the GLORY of the former. YAH hath purposed that HE shall not allow the servant children of satan to anymore trample upon HIS Bride. They are under strong delusion who seek to destroy HIS future Wife. They are all of them dogs who seek to take her life. Their season of judgment has come, for they are all of them ripe. Gather ye in the strange vine and in THY WINEPRESS them tread. Let their blood flow up to the height of the horse bridles. Let THY Great Wrath be satiated with the blood of the wicked.

O MASHIACH, we are blessed by THY NAME! THOU hast provided for us a future, full of THY Blessed Hope! We shall not want but instead abide in Green Pastures. We shall not faint but instead mount up with eagle’s wings. THOU hast taken us from the stall, granting us rapture. O come MASHIACH, COME! Those in the Book of the Redeemed say, “Come!” THOU art never too early or even late, but always on time. Let THY will be done and THY KINGDOM come. In THY HOLY and BLESSED NAME, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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