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YAHUSHUA Comes in the Eastern Sky! | Heavenly Manna

YAHUSHUA Comes in the Eastern Sky! | Heavenly Manna

    We fix our gaze upon the eastern sky and desire THY Imminent Return. Just as surely as the stars and the hosts thereof do run their circuits, so certainly shall THY coming be. THOU shalt not fail in the least to perform every jot and tittle, every YEA and AMEN, of THY Glorious Word. Truly, truly THOU art the SOVEREIGN ONE of Eternity! THOU hast given us THY Word to consume and THINE Armor to gird. We shall not be found in lack at the time of THY Return. THOU art FAITHFUL in all THY Ways. The heavens, even the heaven of heavens, cannot contain THY Glorious Majesty. Fair and True are all THY Ways, THOU KING of saints and LORD of all.

We walk by faith and not by sight. We shall by the anointing mount up with wings and take flight. Within THY City is TRUTH and Light. THOU wilt cause us to dwell in purity so white. In THY Presence there is not the season of dark night. With THEE is joy and strength, not weeping and the blight. ‘Tis by THY SPIRIT that we produce good fruit, not by our might.

We hang on to THY Garment, O so tight! We have repented of our ways and now walk upright. THOU didst afflict us with THY Rod, causing us to walk aright. That which was lame has been healed. Therefore, we shall no more turn aside. It is by THY RUACH HA KODESH that we live and by whom THOU hast us sealed.

Let us not grieve THINE Anointing, but instead be humble. Let us not turn to our own flesh, but instead let THOU us shield. Let us take up the DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD of THY SPIRIT and obediently it wield. We go forth by THY High Hand and trust in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. HE is our Light and our Salvation, our Fortress of ROCK!

We look to the heavens for THY Glorious Return. Our hearts are turned toward THEE, for THOU hast healed us of our backslidings. We love THEE because THOU first loved us. Yea, THOU didst choose us before we even knew THEE. In our mother’s womb didst THOU set upon us THY Mark. THOU hast not left us desolate or given us over unto reproach.

Our sins didst THOU lay upon our Soon Coming KING. HE came and died, giving us HIS BLOOD ATONING. Yet HE is alive, for HE was not guilty of THY Law transgressing. THOU didst raise HIM up for to be a blessing. Yet many do reject this HOLY and BLESSED HOPE. They do hang themselves on the gallows’ rope. ‘Tis a work of their own hands, a reaping of what they do sow. THOU art not mocked and every man shall eat the fruit of his own.

Blessed be our FAITHFUL GOD, for HE doeth whatsoever pleaseth HIM. HIS Law is Fair and pointeth to MESSIAH. HIS Law is Merciful, exposing our sins. By the Light of HIS Law, the conviction of HIS SPIRIT, hath HE to me shown I need Salvation. Yea, I need the BLOOD ATONEMENT of the HOLY ONE of Yisrael. I need to be forgiven if I am to escape hell.

PRAISE the LIVING MESSIAH, for HIS BLOOD hath been shed for the remission of sins! HE hath offered us hope and a future with HIM in Heaven. HE hath acted for HIS NAME’S sake, not desiring it to be polluted. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, yea at YAHUVEH’S Command shall YAHUSHUA be saluted!

I put my heart in the Hands of my BLESSED HOPE. HE hath atoned for my soul, setting me free from hellfire. HE hath granted me the Pardon and now unto HIM do I desire to elope. Count me worthy to be called in to the BRIDEGROOM’S Chamber! Count me worthy to escape the Great Tribulation! Cast me not out of THY Sight! Call me not a Vashti!

O MASHIACH, COME, and illuminate this night! The heathen do rage and against THY Law fight. Destroy their cunning works with THY POWER so Bright! Let not one escape and hear not them cry. May THINE ears be deaf at their moanings and sighs. They are only fit for judgment, only fit to fry! They are reprobate silver! Their destruction is nigh!

Thank YOU BELOVED MASHIACH for THY Faithful Promises! I cling unto THEE, THOU Lover whose embrace I do not want to leave. THOU hast said, “Oh how much I love you. As you long for ME to come, how much more do I long to come to you!” COME MASHIACH, COME! We desire with all our hearts, not out of fear but love, not selfishly but humbly, for THEE to come and carry us away. ‘Tis only a matter of time, THOU BLESSED ONE, till we shall behold each other’s eyes face to face. Help us that we may endure, pour upon us THY Grace. This is my petition and song of love. Cause us to rise to THEE above. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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