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YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH Still Rules And Reigns | Heavenly Manna

YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH Still Rules And Reigns | Heavenly Manna

    Tears run down my cheeks at the mention of THY NAME, O YAHUSHUA my BELOVED MASHIACH. Every Golden Word of THINE is a YEA and AMEN! By THY Word, THOU hast sealed me. By THY Love, THOU hast healed me. How can I ever repay such Blessed Faithfulness? Let my spirit sing of THY Righteousness! Quench the desire of my soul and come unto me. Set this captive free from the pains of humanity. Transform me in the twinkling of an eye and loose me of this mortality.

My soul doth tremble at the AWESOMENESS of THY Throne! Cause me to draw near and I shall come. Woe is me for I am undone! I live in the midst of a crooked generation that grievously rejecteth all that is holy. My transgressions are ever before THEE. Shower forth THY Grace and shed forth THY Mercy! Let not my sins be remembered; nay, blot them out and by THY BLOOD make me clean! Drive away the stench of my sins and perfume THOU me with THY SPIRIT of GLORY!

THOU hast redeemed me! THOU hast delivered me! THOU hast with THY BLOOD made the SACRIFICE atoning! Stand ye forth all ye nations and hear of the Great Deliverance of my KING! Publish abroad the Word of HIS Handiwork! Let not one jot or tittle fail from being reported! Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD who doth Miracles and Mighty Salvation! HE alone rules from the Heavens! All of creation is as dust before HIM. Serve ye HIM with fear and trembling! Kiss the SON lest HIS wrath be kindled against thee and thou perishest from the way! Set forth thy feet in the Prosperous Way and seek not the counsel of the vain and foolish. Show forth an upright conversation in the sight of the heathen that thy KING be not shamed.

Honor ye the KING and it shall be well with thee. Serve YAHUVEH of hosts and obey HIS every Command. HIS Commands hath HE put in thy mouth and in thy heart that thou mayest perform them. Seek YAHUVEH in faith and HE shall be found of thee. Put away all frowardness and lying ways. Open thine heart and receive the TRUTH.

There is none like unto ELOHIM of hosts! In times of old did HE overthrow pharaoh and his hosts. As a millstone thrown into the depths did he sink. Both horse and rider were cast into a dead sleep. Sing praises unto YAHUVEH, whose NAME is a Memorial unto all generations! Call unto HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH! For the sake of HIS GREAT NAME didst HE overthrow entire empires. HE alone plants and uproots, kills and makes alive. HE causes wars to cease at the release of HIS PEACE! Come THOU PRINCE of Peace, COME! Come and lay waste to the reprobate and heathen!

YAHUVEH that sitteth in the heavens doth look down. From the circle of the earth doth HE gaze upon the hearts of men. HE trieth their ways and inspects their fruit. HE knoweth the end from the beginning. Serve ye HIM, all ye sons of men! Make not mention of idols and neither honor their priests. Let the SWORD of the LORD be unsheathed and cut asunder all the feces!

By THY Righteousness, THOU hast delivered me! By THY Faithfulness, THOU hast purchased me! Within THY High Hand hast THOU hidden me! I look upon THY Face and within THINE Eyes. Oh my heart doth long for THEE, pant for THEE, for THOU art my LOVER and MESSIAH KING!

Oh what a day that will be when with my eyes I look upon THEE physically! Hasten that Day with the fulfilling of all righteousness! My heart doth beat for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! Help me by THY Breath to pass this test! In THY NAME I pray, YAHUSHUA my BELOVED FRIEND, REDEEMER, and CAPTAIN, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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