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YAHUSHUA is the TRUTH of GOD | Heavenly Manna

YAHUSHUA is the TRUTH of GOD | Heavenly Manna

    O SOVEREIGN who doth inhabit eternity, Glorious is THY Throne, for THOU art Upright in THY Steadfast Ways. Let the earth magnify THY NAME! Let the sons of men and the beasts of the field bow before THY Holiness! THY Sovereign Hand is broad in mercy and solid in TRUTH! THOU art the HIGH CAPTAIN of my Salvation! THOU, with the BLOOD of the LAMB, hast made the ATONEMENT for my soul. PRAISE be to the LORD YAH MOST HIGH! Praise of HIM is eternal!

FAITHFUL SON of the MOST HIGH GOD, I reverence THY NAME and kiss THY nail-pierced Hand. With THY Life, THOU didst set me free. By the Anointing of THY SPIRIT, THOU hast broken the chains of my iniquity. Steeped in the dung of my own filth and lost was I in the despair of insanity. The price for my peace of mind didst THOU pay. THOU wast crushed by the Wrath of YAHUVEH; diseased wast THOU for the Healing of humanity.

I kiss THY Hand and submit to THY Rule. Upon my neck, take I the yoke of THY humility. THOU hast caused me to drink of the Living Waters so cool. For me, THOU didst drink of the Cup of HIS Fury. THOU art the ONLY MASHIACH! THOU art the ROCK of my life! THOU hast anchored me to the depths of YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY’S Sweet and Glorious Love!

I shall stretch forth mine legs and forsake my mat! Yea I shall leap as an hart that hath come unto the waterbrooks! Yea as a calf from the stall shall I go forth and as an eagle shall I mount up! THOU hast rendered null my infirmity; giving me peace, love, and life more abundantly! O that THOU wouldest rend the heavens and catch me up! O I long in THINE Eyes to gaze so joyfully! Truly, truly what a day that will be!

BLESSED MESSIAH KING, help me to only on THEE lean. Make mine eyes to behold the wonders of THY Word. Out of the abundance of THY RUACH, pour forth Wisdom Heavenly. Enough have I had of meddling with knowledge of this world. Ever learning and yet never able to come to the knowledge of the TRUTH are all they who after Balaam’s error run greedily. Let THY Ways be my ways and THY Thoughts, my thoughts.

Write THINE Law on the table of mine heart and set forth a place upon for THY LIVING MENORAH. Yea, let my menorah burn brightly and never feel drought. May I be counted worthy to be chosen that on that day I may to HIM, arise and go out. Blessed be the Soon Coming BRIDEGROOM! HIS FAITHFULNESS is TRUE, beyond a shadow of a doubt!

MOST ESTEEMED ONE, there is no shadow of turning with THEE. What THOU purposeth to do, THOU accomplisheth. THOU lookest jealously upon THY Word to perform it. THY TRUTH will not return unto THEE void. It will discover the foundation of the matter by the POWER of THY SON. Brightly doth HE shine, so Fair in grace! Yea, upon the wings of HIS grace have I been made to soar. Unto the CLEFT of the ROCK do I flee, for my soul hast THOU made wealthy. Through the BLOOD of the LAMB, dost THOU in love behold my face.

With the eyes of an eagle dost THOU gaze upon THY prey. With THY Wings dost THOU stir up a terrible tempest. By THY WINEPRESS dost THOU the foe erase from existence. Who may abide the Great and Dreadful Day of YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY’S WINEPRESS?! He that dwelleth in the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH. He that trusteth the EXCELLENCE of HIS SON. He that hath clean hands and a pure heart. He that hath built his house upon the ROCK! He that is humble and of a spirit contrite. He that hath washed his garments and in the BLOOD of the LAMB made them white. HA-LLE-LU-YAH! HALLELUYAH!

Sing unto GOD MOST HIGH, for Holy and Reverent is HIS NAME! Sing unto HIM a New Song for the riches of HIS Mercy in MESSIAH YAHUSHUA! Unto YAH my ELECT shall I sing forever. I shall sing of HIS grace before the twenty and four elders. I shall worship the TRUTH of HIS CHARACTER! Upright and Glorious is HIS train which doth fill the temple! Before the multitudes of the people shall I honor my KING! By the River of Life shall I set up my banner for HIS praise! YAHUSHUA hath become my Song, for HE is my ROCK and my SAVIOUR! YAHUSHUA is my SHEPHERD and my LAMB, for HE is YAHUVEH’S SALVATION! HALLELUYAH!

ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU PRECIOUS CREATOR, hear YE the cry of this mine heart. By the Wind of SHKHINYAH GLORY hath this incense risen before THEE. Cast me not away and assign me not with the hypocrites a part. THOU knowest both mine downsitting and uprising. THOU knowest my next thought even before I form it. Rivers of water do run down my face, for I am so fearfully and awesomely created. Every breath I take belongeth unto THEE. The issues of my life do flow before THEE. Yea, may my life be as a drink offering fully poured out for THY GREAT GLORY! In YAHUSHUA my BELOVED MASHIACH’S NAME I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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