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YAHUVEH GOD Promises to Vindicate You! | Heavenly Manna

YAHUVEH GOD Promises to Vindicate You! | Heavenly Manna

    MAJESTIC and TRUE LORD ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU hast granted me life by the POWER of THY Right Arm! THOU hast caused me to leap forth and take hold of THY Salvation. THY FAITHFULNESS is seen in every aspect of my life. THOU hast been Sure even when I was unstable. THOU hast made me to walk steadily where once I was halt. I love THY NAME, for a Memorial hast THOU left it unto all generations.

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, keep me humble that I, into hell, fall not. Without THY Light am I poor, blind, and wretched. Only by taking up my cross can I truly follow THEE. Only by following THY Way can I make it to Heaven. With fear and trembling do I work out mine own Salvation. The beginning of wisdom is to fear THEE, my CREATOR! In great fear am I of disobeying THY Word. Though Heaven and earth pass away, THY Word shall never fail. Therefore, only they who abide in THY Law shall endure forever. Keep me as the apple of THINE eye and give me not over unto rottenness. Keep me as THY set apart temple and give me not over unto thieves and robbers. I desire the pure milk and meat of THY Word. Feed me with that which I can handle and cause me to mature. O may it never be that the SOLID ROCK doth unto me become a stumbling block!

As it was in the times of old, so shall it be in this present age. As THOU didst overthrow pharaoh and his hosts, so shalt THOU do it again. THOU art no respector of THINE enemies. They shall altogether be laid in the pit, if they do not repent of their mischievous deeds. It doth not matter the height of the dark wave which doth arise against THY camp. It shall be swallowed up whole by hell beneath. THOU wilt cause the earth to open and so shall all the heathen meet. They hath made their beds in hell for despising the HOLY ONE. There shall be no rest for them or any of the wicked whether they be alive or dead. Those who are alive live an illusion until in hell they will be thrown. THOU art not mocked and all shall reap what they have sown!

ABBA YAHUVEH, my heart is troubled within me. The lies of the enemy doth seek to consume me. They entice me to join their rebellious ranks but I say unto them, “Get away from me thou despicable ones, for in YAHUSHUA have I the VICTORY!” The battle is wearying and at times am I about to faint. My flesh doth profit me nothing, for only contrary to THY SPIRIT doth it seek to walk. Yet will I overcome, for THY SON hath given me HIS NAME, BODY, and BLOOD! The GREATEST intimacy with HIM is by means of Holy Communion. Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for restoring my soul! Yea, THOU hast restored and filled my cup more abundantly!

The bloody and deceitful try to drive a wedge between the brethren. Through the corruption of covetousness do they try to bring division. Why should I be filled with envy when the Scriptures doth say that those of MESSIAH’S Body do belong one to another? Why should the decay enter in and rot my faith? Look not only to what is thine own, o my soul, but also be concerned, through unfeigned love, for that which is thy brother’s. Be thou considerate for thy brother’s welfare, lest perchance he slippeth, seeing thou art his armor bearer. Leave not the flock for to be devoured by wolves but instead fulfill thy Holy Call of Duty. Thou art thy brother’s keeper and as thou doest it unto him, so is it reckoned as unto MESSIAH HIMSELF.

Please fulfill THOU the Word of THY Oath and rescue me! At all times do the enemies seek to destroy me wholly. They are consumed with iniquity and know not the meaning of mercy. They lay snares privily, caring not that their own souls are they damning! Therefore render THOU unto them the fruit of their wicked doing! Spare not in the Day that THOU dost THY trampling! THOU wilt surely act for the sake of THY NAME. As it was in the past, so is it even now. The SPIRIT of Elijah hath come and the false prophets are being put to shame. Though there be giants in the land, they shall all of them fall like goliath. We shall not be afraid of what falls from the sky, for to MASHIACH are our hearts forever tied.

Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for THY FAITHFUL VENGEANCE! THOU wilt clear our names of all false accusations and crimes. We are persecuted because we will not accept their lies. We only desire the TRUTH and are not afraid to for it die. Should it be THY will, we shall for MASHIACH lay down our lives. Help us to be at peace and in THY Sight be wise. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME do we pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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