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YAHUVEH GOD upholds HIS Word and Judges the Heart | Heavenly Manna

YAHUVEH GOD Upholds HIS Word and Judges the Heart | Heavenly Manna

    O MIGHTY SWORD of the MOST HIGH GOD, satiate THY thirst with the blood of the heathen! Let the number of the slain be from one end of the earth unto the other! Let not the blood-guilty go unpunished. They make a spectacle of THY Word and cause it to be as venom. In THY UPRIGHT FURY slay the wicked and leave desolate their habitations. Let not the blasphemer escape the Day of Great Slaughter!

I will hide mine self in the Ark of the MOST HIGH. In the Tabernacle of TRUTH, within the Cloak of Righteousness, do I abide. Comfort me O GOD, and wipe mine tears away. They do hunt the souls of the righteous and trample the lovely place. Wherefore art THOU silent? Why dost THOU not awaken THY Fury? Yet of a truth, I know THOU dost not slumber. THOU, who keepest Israel, art as a lion hiding in his covert. Spring forth upon the bulls of Bashan! Rend in pieces the nations of the ungodly! Stretch forth THY High Hand and deliver THY saints! We are helpless without THEE!

Let my heart be the Throne of the MOST HIGH. Be THOU seated there upon and exalted! My tongue faileth to tell of THY tender-mercies. My eyes run down with tears by reason of THY Love. The SACRIFICE LAMB was slain for my transgressions; HIS Life, a stain on the altar. Blessed be the LAMB that was slain, for by the POWER of the MOST HIGH hath HE been made alive!

My soul will bless THY NAME at all times. In season and out of season, in abundance and in lack, in tears and in laughter, yea THOU art the GOD who is nigh! Continually will I meditate upon THY Word and consume THY Manna. Let THY Word be made manifest in my life. May my life be well-pleasing unto THEE. Cleanse my garment of all spot and wrinkle. Press me, iron me, and purify my soul. Speak THOU from on High and cause me to be made whole. Raise me up in the Third Day! Blessed be THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, for THOU art my KING!

Come unto this weary servant and lay hands upon me. Heal me of mine infirmities and change my name. I release the old wine and desire a new infilling. Let THY RUACH HA KODESH transform me by the POWER of THY Word. Lead me into all TRUTH. Deliver me from all that would my ear soothe.

I desire TRUTH in mine inward parts. Let the Pure and Fresh Oil of Heaven fill my lamp. In times past, the strange oil of hell did flow in my heart. Yet, THOU showedst me a better way of life. Yea, THOU showedst me life and life more abundantly! I love YOU blessed SAVIOUR! Make me to dwell in the Tabernacle of the MOST HIGH all the days of my life!

May my love for THEE be evident in my walk. Let hypocritical speech depart from these lips. Let my “yea” be “yea” and my “nay” be “nay!” Let me not swear by anything but instead perform my actions unto the KING.

ABBA YAHUVEH, I bow before THEE. Thank YOU for the REDEMPTION through Calvary! The BLOOD of the LAMB hath poured forth into my life. Suddenly came HE to this temple! HE did not tarry. I am saved by THY Grace through the faith THOU hast given me. Increase THOU mine faith and I shall not depart to the left or the right.

I desire not to serve strange gods or figments of one’s imagination. I desire only a loving, obedient relationship with THEE. Help me to walk this Narrow Road, for it only leadeth unto the Straight Gate. Slay the wicked that try and tempt me from THY TRUTH. Clean dissolve the enemy and cast him into hellfire. I desire THY TRUTH. Grant me THY TRUTH. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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