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You Are Forgiven, You Have The Victory | Heavenly Manna (5)

You Are Forgiven, You Have The Victory | Heavenly Manna (5)

    By the BLOOD of the PRECIOUS LAMB are we saved. Let us mount up and cry aloud, “Come ye nations and be sprinkled by HIS BLOOD. Forsake thine vain and foolish ways. Repent and wait on YAHUVEH!”

Our GOD hath wrought in the midst of us the deliverance looked for. HE hath laden MASHIACH with our sins and caused HIM to be our ATONEMENT. We were pierced through by transgression and sorrow. Then MASHIACH came and led us unto the WELL of LIVING WATERS. HE hath given us the Fruit of HIS Tree and healed us. Within the Still Waters hath HE baptized us.

Through the SHED BLOOD of YAHUVEH’S SON have we been made to inherit the High Place. Yea, our City is in Heaven above in whose streets there lacketh the voice of bitter complaining. ‘Tis a City full of mirth and joy, jubilation and rejoicing. Let us go up to the City of our GREAT KING whose foundation is Mercy and Justice!

Our GOD is YAHUVEH! HIS NAME is a memorial unto all generations. We look upon the LAMB that was slain and thank the GREAT “I AM” for raising HIM from the grave. In HIM, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, we live, move, and have our being. Once we fed on the crumbs offered by this world, but HE came down that we might eat Bread and eat it more abundantly. We shall live forever and glorify our KING! HE is our Life and Victory, our Light and our Salvation! We show forth our love by performing our service unto HIM.

The STANDARD hath been erected and the TRUTH hath been published abroad. Upon the solemn hill was the KING reviled, stripped, and crucified. HE was numbered among the transgressors and yet treated worse than them. Our KING, HE who sitteth between the two cherubim, was slain between two thieves. HE was made a curse that we might be blessed. HE bore our reproach that we might gain honor.

FATHER YAHUVEH, let us be made pure by THY Love. Use us to point the way to MASHIACH. In HIS death we have life, for THOU didst raise HIM from the dead and set HIM forth on HIS two feet.

May our lives be a living sacrifice wholly acceptable unto THEE. Let THY Fire light upon us and cleanse our holy temples. Speak forth THY Word and change this weary servant. Increase my faith and straighten my ways. Let the meditations of my heart and the actions of my soul be well-pleasing unto THEE. Mend my broken ways and apply THINE Rod for to correct me. Let me not shy away from THY Holy Touch. Nay, break my legs if ever I stray from the Path. YAH forbid that I should lie down in lukewarmness. Change my heart and change my mind. Create THOU in me a New Heart and renew within me a right spirit.

Hearken unto me THOU Gracious Sovereign KING. May THINE eyes behold my face in everlasting love for the sake of MASHIACH’S SACRIFICE. I cry out to THEE for deliverance from my transgressions. The wages of sin is death. Help me to be more humble, holy, and obedient unto the crucifying of my flesh. Apply THY STANDARD unto my life and hallow THY NAME.

THOU hast placed THY KINGDOM within my inward parts. Raise me from the miry clay and show me a more perfect way. The more I wrestle with the flesh, the more become I entangled in the net. Break these shackles off of me. Set me forth in the midst of THY Kiln, in the midst of THY Furnace.

Purify my heart seven times and bring forth the gold. Make my faith to grow and make my heart to be enlarged. Fill me with THY Love and drive out the corruption. Cleanse THOU this temple and drive out the darkness. Help me LORD YAH, for when I awake in THY likeness, then will I be satisfied. By the BLOOD of the LAMB do I make this supplication, for ’tis by the BLOOD of the LAMB that I have Salvation. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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