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You have Samson’s strength! | Heavenly Manna

You have Samson’s strength! | Heavenly Manna

    O my FAITHFUL MASHIACH, THOU dost soothe my fear-ravaged soul. Yea, THOU dost tenderly heal me of my wounds. Pour forth THY Healing Balm and cleanse THOU my wounds. The war hath been fierce, yet the VICTORY hath, in THEE, been assured. THOU art YAHUSHUA, the GENERAL of Heaven’s hosts! THOU art the SUPREME COMMANDER in CHIEF! THOU art the CHIEF CORNERSTONE over all creation! Everything was made for and by THEE, for THY Certain PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!

With THEE on my side, who can prevail against me? Yea though hell encampeth against me, I shall not be in fear. Hell couldn’t stop THEE and by THY Grace neither can it me. I trust whole-heartedly in the STAFF of Yisrael. THOU hast become my Comforter and my Song of Deliverance! THY NAME doth cause the hills to melt and the devourer to be made desolate! THY NAME doth put ten-thousands to flight and maketh an utter end of the dark flood!

I have put my trust in YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S BLOOD. I have put my trust in HIS STANDARD which parteth the flood. HE is my GOOD SHEPHERD, my ROCK, and my ANCHOR! HE hath healed me of the pestilence that doth canker. Yea, the plagues of Egypt shall not come nigh me, for I have applied the BLOOD of my MAKER!

Let the horse and his rider, the chariot and his too, be drowned in THY Fury! Let the waterfloods overflow and away them carry. Into hell shalt they be taken, for they trust in the clay miry. Yea, they drink of the Nile’s water and bathe in its pollution. They have defiled the river with their shedding of innocent blood. They shall themselves be pierced through by the reed of their vain thinking.

They are all of them drunk on the strange wine. They are all of them deceived by the strange vine. They put their trust in stocks and trees which profit nothing. They are each of them enchanted by false miracles, wonders, and signs. What shall their end be seeing they are void of Light? All they who forget GOD and deny HIS HOLY ONE, shall be cast into the lake in HIS Perfect Time.

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, my heart doth long for THEE. THOU hast given me strength to plow in the harvest field, to persevere. May I, out of pure love, long for THEE to come. Not by fear, but by faith hast THOU decreed that I should enter THY KINGDOM. THOU hast given me endurance so that I may abide. I drink of the new and pour out the old. I have taken up my cross for to be crucified. Let me be transformed by the renewing of my mind. By the washing of THY Word, so may I be cleansed on the inside. May THY Fount heal me of all pride, for I desire not to again ever backslide.

THOU art working in me THY Mighty and Glorious SALVATION. THOU hast chosen me to be THY Bride. Let me not trip and into destruction slide. Yea, though I get knocked down, THOU wilt cause me to arise! In SPIRIT and in TRUTH, do I, unto THEE, cry. Count me worthy to be part of the five wise. May I stay worthy to be caught up by THY Side. Let THY will be done and not mine. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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