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You Shall Live! | Heavenly Manna

You Shall Live! | Heavenly Manna

    BELOVED and FAITHFUL YAHUSHUA of the Tribe of Yahudah, THY Love for me hath pierced the darkness of my despair. Lost was I in the valley of the shadow of death. Consumed in the error of my way was I; faint was my breath. Yet THOU didst find me and imparted unto me the Life-Giving Air. Now I live by THY SPIRIT because THOU didst THY Life with me share. Yea, the LIVING FATHER crushed THEE for my sins; HE did not THEE spare. Tortured wast THOU for my transgressions; t’was not for THEE fair. Yet THOU didst endure the afflictions; THY Heart for me didst THOU bare.

I cry aloud unto THEE, my BELOVED MASHIACH, THOU so full of Patience and Care. THOU camest down and my stony heart was at THY Presence rent. THOU beganest a new thing, making my heart brand new. The old man was crucified with THEE, THOU KING of the Jews. The BLOOD flowed forth from THY Veins; yea THY Life was spent. THOU hast given THY Body and BLOOD to eat, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. Let us gather together and by the grace of HIS NAME, with the FATHER commune. Blessed be our SAVIOUR who is without a doubt coming soon!

Come O FAIR and LOFTY ONE of Eternity! Come THOU KING of saints and LORD of creation! Come upon the wings of the Wind and save us from destruction! Let us speak unto our LORD and supplicate HIS Throne. Let us call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MESSIAH, for HE hath borne our shame. HE is FAITHFUL and SURE, without blemish or stain. HE is the LIVING LAMB, though once HE was slain.

HE is coming back as a LION in the POWER of HIS Rage! Who can quench the Fury of HIS Might when once it is engaged?! HIS POWER is eternal, for is HE not the ANCIENT of days? Yea, HE is our MESSIAH AVENGER, our Life, our TRUTH, the only Way! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that HE is LORD to the GLORY of our GOD YAHUVEH! AMEN and AMEN to the GREAT I AM! So be it O YAH, for THOU art our KING!

I will hide myself in HIS Golden Mane and tabernacle in the secret place of the MOST HIGH. Yea, I will hold on tight to HIS Golden Mane, for unto HIM have I surrendered my life. It is not I that live but MESSIAH in me, for my flesh is being daily crucified. Let the POWER of HIS Word wash over me and make me never the same. The old wine hath been emptied and the old skin shed. The FATHER hath clothed me with the New, HIS SON’S Righteous Robe. HIS Life floweth in me, that Blessed BLOOD red.

PRAISE be to the GUIDING LIGHT, for HE hath given me hope! Once was I blind and as them that in the noonday grope. Now am I called to be a Bride and to in secret with HIM elope. Unto me hath HE been as a refiner’s fire, yea even like fuller’s soap. I have cast off my burdens and taken upon me HIS yoke. The LIVING MENORAH hath placed upon me HIS burden which is truly light.

Burn THOU in the midst of this THY living temple! Purge out all the darkness and call me THINE own. I am THINE and THOU art mine; precious am I in THY Sight. By the BLOOD of the LAMB have I been made to overcome. Yea, unto THEE be GLORY and HONOR, BLESSING and WIS-DOM! THOU who rulest in the midst of Heaven, be MAGNIFIED and EXALTED! Be EXTOLLED and WORSHIPPED! THOU art HE who was, who is, and who is to come!

HOLY! HOLY!! HOLY!!! art THOU my MESSIAH LAMB! Worthy art THOU to be PRAISED and ADORED! THOU art my ROCK, my SAVIOUR, my CAPTAIN, and my PRECIOUS LORD! THOU justifieth the repentant sinner and savest him from hellfire! Let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling! Let us not arouse the KING’S dreadful ire! Let us flee from all sins lest we be condemned as liars! Blessed be our FAITHFUL COMFORTER who convicteth us before we with our lives go gambling!

ABBA YAHUVEH, I thank YOU for THY FAITHFULNESS. I thank THEE for the SACRIFICE made at Calvary. The BLOOD of THY PRECIOUS SON didst spurt on the ground. THOU offeredst HIM up to redeem us from destruction for eternity. Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH for having pity on this lowly worm. Thank YOU for transforming me into a new creature. Now am I hidden in THY SPIRIT from the approaching storm. Bought am I by the PRECIOUS BLOOD of the LAMB. May this song and testimony arise unto THY Throne. May it be for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY alone! In YAHUSHUA my one and only MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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