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Your Actions Show Your Allegiance | Heavenly Manna

Your Actions Show Your Allegiance | Heavenly Manna

    Hide THOU me in the Ark of THY Presence from the blaspheming foe. Let the Robe of THY Righteousness clothe me about. In the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH do I find myself inside. Blessed be mine AVENGER who hath not left me without help! Blessed be the Sovereign Hand of the MOST HIGH GOD! Take up THINE Glittering Weapon and satiate the hunger of THY Fury! Devour the adversary and consume his substance. Let the righteous be glad in glory, for their blood hath been avenged!

ABBA YAHUVEH, fill me with the Light of THY MENORAH. Set me forth in the broad place that I may preach to the nations. The lusts of the flesh do consume the inhabitants thereof. They are set ablaze by the strange fires of hell. Put THY Word in my mouth. Cause me to be THY mouthpiece. Though it be sweet as honey to my spirit and bitter to my flesh, yet will I eat up the scroll THOU givest me.

LORD MOST HIGH, all the nations are turned unto hell. The TRUTH of THY Salvation hath they utterly rejected. Their hearts are as the idols they serve, both stone and corrupt. Bury the idolaters beneath their idols in the depths of hell. Let the stiff-necked be cast out. Unto those who repent, have mercy. Grant them THY Living Waters and the Meat of Heaven. Unto those that show mercy unto THEE, THOU wilt show mercy unto them. Blessed be our GOD, for HE is fair in all HIS dealings! Let the Court of YAHUVEH the ETERNAL JUDGE say so. Let the set apart ones rejoice at the deliverance granted by the KING! By the BLOOD of HIS LAMB hath we been redeemed! HE took our infirmities and bore our transgressions. Those who dwelt in darkness have seen the GREAT LIGHT! The LIVING MENORAH hath enlightened their path. PRAISE the LIVING LIGHT, for HE hath saved us from the Wrath! Let HIS Life burn within our inward parts! Let the dross be purged out and a vessel fit for the ‘finer come forth! HALLELUYAH!!!

Though we have been scattered among the nations, THOU wilt in no wise lose the least grain of wheat. Send forth THY laborers into the field. Send forth the holy angels to sever the wicked from among the just. Take hold of Spear and Buckler. Take hold of Sword and Shield. Defend THOU THINE little ones and stand forth from THY Seat. Our hearts are with THEE, not with the treasures of this world which do rust.

May my heart be made new by the POWER of THY Word. Let mine downsitting and uprising be found pleasing in THY Sight. Into the sheepfold, through the Gate of MESSIAH, have I entered. Be THOU blessed, PRECIOUS MESSIAH KING!!! THOU becamest a servant in order to us redeem. THOU hast led captivity captive and obliterated the stronghold of darkness. By THY Rod dost THOU defend us, for upon THY Staff do we lean.

Help us to better cling unto THINE own understanding and we shall not err. “Be ye holy as I AM is holy,” is THY steadfast Command. Without holiness no man can see THY Face. Show us the better way of wisdom that, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, we may stand in THY Grace. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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