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Your REDEMPTION draweth nigh! | Heavenly Manna

Your REDEMPTION draweth nigh! | Heavenly Manna

    ABBA YAHUVEH, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, cry I out to THEE! The resistance of the enemy hath come in like a dark flood. I cry out unto THEE, for with THEE is Plenteous REDEMPTION and Mercy! With THEE is the EVERLASTING STANDARD of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Deliver me for THY NAME’S Sake!

Why should I go mourning all the day long? Why should I be counted among those who are wrong? Send forth help out of Zion, THY Holy Hill. Send forth Help from the Seat of the JUST ONE! Strengthen me by the POWER of THY Right Hand. I am a sheep of THY flock. Within THY Palm hast THOU made me to stand. THOU didst lead me forth unto the Goodly Land.

I know of a truth that THOU art my ROCK and my REDEEMER. When all seems lost, THOU wilt appear in GREAT GLORY. THOU wilt always provide a way of escape for those who strive to obey THEE. THOU lovest THY children, both THY sheep and THY lambs. THOU art near and not far. THOU dost by THY SPIRIT dwell within my earthen jar. By THY GLORY, hast THOU made me to shine as a star.

THOU art the POTTER with whom I am well-pleased. THOU hast with THY Love, pulled me from the seas. THOU sentest forth THY Right Hand and didst deliver me out of dark waters. MASHIACH did come and by HIS BLOOD, rescued me! The depths could not claim HIM, for in HIM was no lie. Death was not the victor, for HE did arise!

Now HE sitteth at THY Right Hand and maketh intercession for the saints. HE doth take up our burdens that we should not faint. HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness, for sufficient for us is HIS Grace. We put aside all malice, murmuring, and complaints. We lay down our pride and take up our execution stakes. We shall go where ever the LAMB doth us take.

THOU art HE in whom we have faith! THOU art our REDEMPTION upon whom we wait. In THY Perfect Timing THOU wilt come, for THOU art never late. Unto us hast THOU granted THY Perfect Grace. We shall by faith finish the appointed race. When THOU shalt come, may we not be found guilty of any waste.

The evil doth grow by leaps and bounds, but this doth only cause THEE to make haste. THOU comest for THY Bride who is as a virgin, chaste. May we be counted worthy and our fruit of perfect taste. May our garments be found without spot, wrinkle, or stain. Let not our Anointing dim or wane. We desire both the former and the latter glory rain.

We seek to honor THEE, our KING, with praise. We bless, exalt, and laud THY HOLY NAME! We seek not our own, but only THY Way! Come YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, COME! We who are athirst say, “COME!” We desire the LIVING WATERS to be poured forth from Heaven! Truly, truly HE shall come and answer our petition! Truly HE shall come and with a Great Demonstration! HALLELUYAH! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, make I this supplication!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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