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PRAYERS / תפילות

Shacharit / שחרית לחול

Morning Blessings and Prayers at the start of the day.

Minchah / מנחה לחול

Minchah corresponds to the "tamid", the daily afternoon offering in the Temple, so it is recited only when it was permissable to offer the "tamid": from half an hour after midday until evening. 

Post Amidah
Concluding Prayers

Maariv / מעריב לחול

Like Shacharit and Minchah, Maariv has its basis in the Temple service. In the Temple, no sacrifices were offered in the evening, but any sacrifical parts that had not been burned during the day could be placed on the Altar and burned at night. Thus, although no sacrificial service was required during the night, it was uncommon for the Altar not to be in use. This explains why Maariv began as a voluntary service; unlike Shacharit and Minchah, which took the place of the required tamid-offerings, the evening service on the Altar was unnecessary if all the parts could be burned during the day.

Vehu Rachum
Blessings of the Shema
Kaddish Shalem
Additions for Motza'ei Shabbat
Counting the Omer
Kaddish Yatom
Bircat Levana
Keri'at Shema al Hamita
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